In order to make the best out of my time with ROMP, I’m going to establish some goals to get what I want out of the experience.

Here we go:

  • Contribute to ROMP in meaningful ways by:
    • Always being willing to do whatever work needs to be done and completing it to the best of my ability with passion
    • Completing the tasks that ROMP has identified for me to work on
    • Using my problem solving skills and creativity to bring new ideas to the table
    • Collaborate with others when problem solving
    • Prioritizing my work first
  • Learn from my experience by:
    • Absorbing the environment, I’ll be a part of
    • Reflecting on my experiences daily through a blog post or journal article
    • Listening to the stories of people I meet
    • Speaking Spanish when it makes sense to do so
  • Immerse myself in Ecuadorian culture by:
    • Developing relationships with those around me
    • Trying new foods, activities, and lifestyles
    • Respecting the culture, customs, and beliefs of those around me
      • Upholding the Duke Engage Ethical Engagement pledge
    • Exploring various geographical areas of Quito and Ecuador
  • Be a positive influence on the people and community around me by:
    • Having a constructive attitude
    • Advancing mobility
    • Holding firmly to beliefs that are important to me, while learning from others’
    • Being a good representative of the communities I come from




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